***Best Alternative Rock Band ***
2013 World Music and Independent Film Festival
"US-Powermetal at its best!"
My Revelations Webzine
Alexander Meyer Review
(English Translation)

"Must Have...Buy it now!"
STRIKE! The Magazine / Streetclip.tv
Martin Brandt Review
(English Translation)
"9.0 out of 10"
Rock Hard Magazine
Michael Kohsiek Review

...now that is talent."
Shockwave Magazine
Andrew Swetz Review
"Best EP of 2012"
Metal to Infinity
Andreas Schiffmann Review

"Best newcomer of 2012...10 out of 10"
Holger Andrae Review
(English Translation)
"Alloy 20 bring back virtues which we actually thought have long ceased to exist..."
Andreas Schiffmann Review
(English Translation)

ALLOY 20 -"Silent Calls" Official Music Video