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Review by Martin Brandt, Streetclip.tv / STRIKE! The Magazine (Germany 11/25/12)
(English Translation by author, Martin Brandt)

In 2012 – USA import / Self-Released – Style: Progressive Power Metal

ALLOY 20 is a name that is yet mostly unknown amongst metal fans these days, but those of our readers who know their U.S. metal history will recognize some familiar names in the line up of the band. The singing for ALLOY 20 is provided by former OMEGA POINT vocalist Jeff Grove, who is known to sound similar to old Geoff Tate. (In fact, I believe Mr. Tate would love to be able to sing like Jeff did on "Part I: Lost In The Veil Of Darkness" - if he still could do it, his bandmates in QUEENSRYCHE would probably not have felt the need to replace him with a younger frontman). Guitarist Michael Ricketts is known from his past in SNYDLY CRUNCH and the most well-known member of ALLOY 20 is definitely drummer Billy Giddings from DEUCE/TENSION fame. Luckily, ALLOY 20 doesn't really need name dropping at all to promote their band, because the three seasoned veterans, with help of the new guys Sean Taylor Brown (g) and John Taylor (b), have released an EP that should please all fans of high class U.S. metal. The opening track "Demon Of Destruction" scores with a great groove and catchy chorus. It reminds me of IRON MAIDEN and (of course) QUEENSRYCHE. "Silent Calls" starts off with some accoustic guitars and becomes a very emotional U.S. Metal Anthem with attacking guitar riffs and a total length of six minutes. For me, personally, this masterpiece of a song is one of the best tracks released in 2012. But also the remaining two songs "Veil Of Darkness" and "More To Give" deliver the goods. The first one being a straight rocking melodic smasher and the last track on the EP is filled with dark atmosphere and emotional guitar leads. For fans of bands like LETHAL, SACRED WARRIOR, HAVEN, HEIR APPARENT or OMEGA POINT, ALLOY 20 and their EP "Part I: Lost In The Veil Of Darkness" will be the newcomer sensation of 2012. I am very excited about this release, even if the cover art is a little too simple. The songs, the production and the packaging leave only one recommendation: Buy it now! The only reason this review does not end (yet) on 10 out of 10 points is because it is only an EP with 21 minutes. I will keep the 10 points for the first full-length album from ALLOY 20. Contact: www.alloy20rocks.com

9 points (Must Have Hammer)

By Martin Brandt