"Best newcomer of 2012...All thumbs up." 10 out of 10
Review by Holger Andrae, www.Powermetal.de (Germany 12/4/2012)

English translation:

The voice of OMEGA POINT is back and delivers a classic!

For starters: This EP presents the best newcomer of 2012. Already a sufficient description, right? In a good world, the readers of this review would surf the band’s website and after a few seconds of musical enjoyment, press the order button. Alternatively, there are of course the well-known German sales channels.

For the unsure, I will pin a few dry facts to the monitor. The quintet from Baltimore has some old warriors in their ranks, including Billy Giddings, the drummer for legendary DEUCE / TENSION and Jeff Grove, Golden Voice, who caused an absolute frenzy some 20 years ago with the OMEGA POINT demo "Infinite Rhyme". And this is what he continues to do with his bell-clear siren voice, reminiscent often blessed to Geoff Tate. He has forgotten nothing, absolutely nothing.

With this vocal performance, he immediately climbs to the top position of this year's singing contests. Because a great voice alone does not bring superb music, I will not deprive you of what ALLOY 20 have conjured up as an instrumental backing for this miraculous voice. We hear fantastic US-Metal-Grenades in a class that have provided for me at the first listen complete enthusiasm. Regardless of the song, whether the powerfully captivating and carefully chosen opening number “Demon of Destruction” or the ballad-introduced galloping bullet “More to Give”, the adrenaline keeps flowing. The band has just the right combination of interesting song structures and incredible melodies. On “More to Give” alone, one can write a short essay. I believe during the solo passage, you can very briefly hear WATCHTOWER in the melody, while the totally great chorus reminiscent of the aforementioned band from Seattle is not a bad comparison.

As a special treat, I must highlight the priceless song “Silent Calls”. The beginning is sung with such feeling that brings back memories of the divine Midnight, “Lost Reflection” and so on. But this number is not a ballad. Quickly, there is powerful riffing and a driving rhythm, and quickly fists are clenched and heads stretched high into the sky. This song is already a classic. You cannot do much better than this kind of music. All thumbs up.

Rating 10.00