Jeff Grove found his voice early.  Having a musical family, it was a familiar sound to hear his parents and older siblings singing around the house.  Through the years, he learned to play many instruments, but never took singing seriously until his college years.  As a Music major, Jeff changed his focus from brass to voice under the tutelage of Gary Kirkeby and Helen Whi.

Jeff Grove, Lead Vocals

Vocalists such as Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Ray Alder and Geoff Tate were the inspirations that led Jeff to heavy metal where he found a home in a style that fit him best.

Jeff worked with various local bands, one of which was OMEGA POINT.  In 1991, OMEGA POINT recorded a 5-song demo called Infinite Rhyme with which the band achieved moderate success locally and abroad.  Their success, however, was short-lived as the band broke up and Jeff retired from singing to raise a family with his wife.  The demo has since become a rare, sought after classic.

Jeff's love for music would eventually bring him back and he started singing again.  He wanted to create something special and began gathering musicians.  After singing in a few bands, Jeff approached Billy Giddings of TENSION about playing drums, and together, they formed ALLOY 20.

Omega Point 1992